We have been providing computer services since 1984.  During this time, we have seen almost everything that “could go wrong” – go wrong!  That provides a wealth of experience to use when it comes to getting people’s computer systems up and running correctly.

Not only do we have experience, but we strive to help the computer user so that, when we leave their now working better system, that they also have the knowledge to use it better.  “I love to see the lights go on”, Don said.  “It gives me joy to know that they can now use their computer tools more efficiently”.

“I got into this business originally because a computer store sales person made me mad when the computer we purchased in 1982 didn’t do what my wife wanted it to do.  I am going to make it do what she wants!”  That has been my focus as long as I have worked on computers, to make them do what the client wants.

It would be an honor and privilege to help you with your technology needs.  Remember, “Computer Sick?  Call The Doctor!”