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Damaged Notebook Computer Exposed!

This notebook owned by a health practitioner was dropped from about 4 feet and came apart.  Our job will be to check for damage, put it back together, and get it working again.  At the... Read More

How Do You Protect Your Customer’s Data

Recently an Insurance Agency was robbed of all their computers and File cabinets.  Were these customer files protected?  That hasn’t been determined yet.  It was announced that they will be going to each agent, making them... Read More

Remote Computer Help – Available Anywhere

Although In-Person is best for some computer fixes, most problems can be solved Remotely.   We have remote clients around the world.   One in Florida is a Tucson referral.  We totally support their computer hardware and “How... Read More

We Can Help You Anywhere!

Here is a picture of my Take Control Remote Support Screen, seen on a computer that it has been installed to.  Notice that it is personalized – you see my information, and after the word Status you see... Read More

Ground Hog Day – Over and Over?

Here is a Ground Hog.  Keeping a computer operating properly sometimes feels like “Ground Hog Day” – doing the same thing Over and Over.  That can get tedious and old fast!  These tedious... Read More

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COVID-19 Update

During these times with us facing the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we at GE Computing are trying to practice all the precautions. We are practicing self distancing as much as possible, and doing most of our Computer Support vis Remote Access.

When we have to go to a client in order to physically work on a computer syste, we are washing hands before and afte, using hand sanitizer, cleaning up the systems before and after work, including social distancing. This is both for Client Safety, but also ours.  We are looking forward to continuing to support your productivity now and into the future, so help me God!