Don Gibens

Our Business was established in 1984 as the result of my wife, who, in 1982, wanted to have a computer, the Apple II+ at the time, that matched what the schools had.  At the time the Apple II+ didn’t do upper and lower case.  We brought it home, after being assured that it would do what we asked, and discovered that it wouldn’t.  This made me angry and, even though I was employed elsewhere at the time, I determined that I was going to learn how to make it do what Iva wanted it to do.

Moving forward, the Apple II+ would never do upper and lower case, but I discovered I had an aptitude for making the computer work, and for teaching others how to use it.  In 1984, I lost my job, and decided to take this newfound knowledge and make it into a business.  It has evolved from programming to teaching night classes at a Junior College to what it currently is – a full service Computer Repair, Sales and Service, Technology Consulting business.

We Have two Focus:

“Computer Sick?  Call the Doctor!”

“We Make Your Technology Work For You.”

We sincerely look forward to Serving You!!