Christmas Gifting Season is Here!

It is the Christmas Gifting Season, and I am looking for Parents of Seniors going to college next school year.  A nice computer is a perfect gift for this Senior Student.  Last year I counseled two parents with Seniors and delivered to … Read More

What We Do to Make a Computer “Better Than New!”

Are you looking to replace computer equipment in the next two years?  Next week we are presenting at BNI Copper Connections What We Do to Make a Computer “Better Than New!” .  Would you be willing to hear our presentation and schedule a no … Read More

Recycling Service Available

We have available a recycling Service.  This will help keep Electronic Waste out of the landfill and help you control your damaged or obsolete hardware.   Recently these tablets, phone and computer came in and were recycled or refurbished.  This was from one person, … Read More

Do You Know Anyone Still Using Windows 7?

After 10 years, support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020, 2 ½ years ago.  Using Windows 7 now is a security gamble.  Yet it is being continued to be used, perhaps because of familiarity, or because of having a high-cost … Read More

Damaged Notebook Computer Exposed!

This notebook owned by a health practitioner was dropped from about 4 feet and came apart.  Our job will be to check for damage, put it back together, and get it working again.  At the very least, the patient data on the NOT … Read More

How Do You Protect Your Customer’s Data

Recently an Insurance Agency was robbed of all their computers and File cabinets.  Were these customer files protected?  That hasn’t been determined yet.  It was announced that they will be going to each agent, making them prove that Customer Information is secure. Securing … Read More

What is “Safety First” when it comes to Computers?

A recent survey of IT security Pros found that a whopping 63% of those suffering ransomware attacks in 2021 ended up paying the bandits!  You say, “that couldn’t happen to me, I am too small”.  Really?  “The Evil Guys” are on the attack … Read More

Would you like to be more productive with your technology?

Don Gibbens here.  For several years I taught an evening computer class for a Junior College.  Training people to use a computer successfully is important to me.  I love seeing the lights go on!  In a recent week I did three calls for service from people … Read More

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