Are Your Computers Sick?

Are your computers’ Sick? I Love helping people get their Computer Systems Working Well! I started my life with computers when we got our first computer in 1981 and it didn’t do what my wife wanted it to do. “I … Read More

What Can be Done With a Low End Computer?

What can be done with a low end computer that many would throw away? This computer is an HP Stream from 2018. Windows 10 came with it, and made it nearly impossible to use – no space to save things! … Read More

Is Your Content Running Away?

I have “RUN AWAY” Content! I paid for a 30 second video and it was linked to my website. The video has now disappeared, and the company who did the video is nowhere in sight. Our CONTENT PRESERVATION SERVICE helps … Read More

Current Computer Recommendations – 2/25/21

I have had the privilege of learning a lot about computer systems in the last 38 years. I will help you find quality computers at cost, and then do the “better than new” service to make the system exactly what … Read More

Do You Know if Your Computers Are Up To Date?

Everything that uses computer code has the possibility of having “bugs” in it. Microsoft has released during the first week of February 2021 a new update for Windows 10. Although called an “Optional Quality Update”, it is not really optional. … Read More

Have you had a regular health checkup?

We are encouraged to have regular health checkups. I see several different doctors who take care of me. Have you considered that your computers also need to be seen regularly? Because they interact with the entire world, they get “dirty” … Read More

What Happens if you Don’t Know What the Password is?

I recently got a call from a frantic widow whose husband had passed away, and she couldn’t retrieve pictures for his memorial service or other records from his computer. Thankfully, we are able to retrieve data from locked computers, and … Read More

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