How do you Protect your System from Evil?

Researchers have found a new kind of Trojan that can install itself in your computer hardware and you can’t get rid of it!  Granted, this one seems to be coming from North Korea and is being considered a cyberweapon.  How to … Read More

When are Computers like Cooking?

When Apps do not work right the computer is like an overcooked steak. When they have Malware they are like Junk Food. When They have Viruses they are like cooking with rotten food. When they have a broken keyboard or … Read More

Microsoft Announces Security Updates for Office for Mac

If you are using Microsoft Office for Mac, be aware that Microsoft has announced that there are several Security Updates you need to run. In a Microsoft Bulletin on 9/16/20, they said: “Microsoft is announcing the availability of the security … Read More


The FBI is quoted as saying, “The FBI has observed cyber criminals targeting computer network infrastructure after an operating system achieves end of life status”…”cyber criminals will continue to view Windows 7 as a soft target”. Most Windows 7 systems … Read More

Who Is Watching Out for You?

I serviced a client recently who had gotten a new Internet Provider.  When I started doing my Cleanup-Speedup-Update Service, I noticed that the internet speed was still slow.  I ran Speedtest and saw that the internet was still using their … Read More

What is Cloudflare and What Can it Do to Help Me?

Cloudflare is the company that owns the Domain Name Server IP4 Addressed and  For Websites, It is said to provide a secure environment by doing the following: Getting rid of unwanted bots and spam visits to websites Stop … Read More

It’s Time To Do a REDO

At the same time as our 55th anniversary celebration, my sweetie informed me that her computer was taking a half hour to startup. It was a smoking machine in 2015, but now it is S-L-O-W. Cleanup-Speedup-Update wasn’t enough. This computer … Read More

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