It is said that the average small business that loses all their business information through a computer failure, theft, or fire will stay in business less than a year after that failure. The storage of your valuable business information is vital to the health of your business!

Your information IS the vital asset of your business! 

We have several services we offer that can help protect your data:

  1. Physical backup of each machine so it can be restored in event of failure.
  2. Physical, Offline Backup of all business data so that it can be used in the event of a catastrophic failure.
  3. Cloud based backup so that files can be used in other locations concurrently.
  4. Cloud based backup that keeps all information current.
  5. Recovery of data from old systems or current systems that have been damaged.

These same services can help in your home, too. Recently we helped a client who had several computers that had important family pictures on them, all the way from the 90’s to the present.  They had kept them on the computers they were using at the time, and then moved on to new computers without backing them up.  We were able to recover most of their valuable documents and family pictures.

Let us give you a consultation, to see what we can do to recover and backup your systems. (520) 332-1485