Here We are Somewhere Under the Rainbow

This week I saw this rainbow, literally over my street.  It was so beautiful!  Tucson has a lot of Snowbirds and Retired People, enjoying these same things.  Many have little knowledge on how to USE technology, keeping them updated, retrieving attachments, writing documents.  They … Read More

Nothing is as Constant as Change

Just when you thought things were “cooling down”, Microsoft introduces Windows 11 on June 24, 2021.Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says that “the biggest update of the decade is coming to the Windows Operating System”. In the intro on June 24th, … Read More

Helping Seniors with Their Technology

Don Gibbens here.  I recently helped a lady who I will call E with her technology she had in her home – A Computer, printer and Phone System.  E was a professional, with her own alternative Health Care Practice for … Read More

Are Your Computers Sick?

Are your computers’ Sick? I Love helping people get their Computer Systems Working Well! I started my life with computers when we got our first computer in 1981 and it didn’t do what my wife wanted it to do. “I … Read More

What Can be Done With a Low End Computer?

What can be done with a low end computer that many would throw away? This computer is an HP Stream from 2018. Windows 10 came with it, and made it nearly impossible to use – no space to save things! … Read More

Is Your Content Running Away?

I have “RUN AWAY” Content! I paid for a 30 second video and it was linked to my website. The video has now disappeared, and the company who did the video is nowhere in sight. Our CONTENT PRESERVATION SERVICE helps … Read More

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COVID-19 Update

During these times with us facing the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we at GE Computing are trying to practice all the precautions. We are practicing self distancing as much as possible, and doing most of our Computer Support vis Remote Access.

When we have to go to a client in order to physically work on a computer syste, we are washing hands before and afte, using hand sanitizer, cleaning up the systems before and after work, including social distancing. This is both for Client Safety, but also ours.  We are looking forward to continuing to support your productivity now and into the future, so help me God!