It’s Time To Do a REDO

At the same time as our 55th anniversary celebration, my sweetie informed me that her computer was taking a half hour to startup. It was a smoking machine in 2015, but now it is S-L-O-W. Cleanup-Speedup-Update wasn’t enough. This computer … Read More

Java Announces New Update – Java 8 Update 181

Oracle has announced a new Java update – Java 8 Update 181. This update is to replace any other versions of Java, and usually is done to take care of security issues. The following Computer Operating Systems need to update: … Read More

VPNFilter Malware – Steps to Remove And Protect Yourself

Detecting VPNFilter is difficult since routers and network-attached storage devices don’t have anti-virus software. However, since VPNFilter is what is known as firmware malware, here are some steps you can employ. 1. Reboot For your first line of defense, reboot … Read More

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