Our Cleanup Speedup Update Service has the potential to be the most helpful to the average computer user.  Here is what we do:

We look for Malware

Malware is content coming from mostly “legitimate” companies that feel your computer ought to be their ticket to riches.

We Look for Trojans

Content that attempts to manipulate your computer from the inside without your knowledge.

We check for Viruses

Evil loaded into your computer.

Remove temporary files

We remove temporary files that every computer makes as it works.

Apps cleanup

We remove old Apps that you do not use anymore.

App checkup

We check that every app is working properly and is up to date.

Browser check

We check browsers to be sure that the bad guys haven’t hijacked search engines.

Any computer system can be helped with the Cleanup, Speedup, Update Service.  Is your computer slow or do you have “things happening” that don’t make sense?  Let us check it out and bring it back to life! (520) 332-1485