Get a Computer “House Call” via Remote Computer Support

The Doctor’s In the House!

Computer Sick? Call the Doctor! We make House Calls! , has been my tagline for years. But what if you are on the other side of the country? Or on the other side of the world?

The same tagline still applies, because we can reach into a computer remotely via the internet and fix it. As long as it can get the internet, we can help.

What type of computer needs are best served by using Remote Support? Anything that doesn’t need my physical presence. If you need someone to take a printer out of the box and set it up, then remote will not work. HOWEVER, if you are having trouble getting the correct printer drivers installed, then that would be a good fit. If your computer has gotten sluggish, and there are popups that come in unannounced, that would be a good fit. If you get a fake “this is Microsoft, and we are shutting down your computer” message, that is a good fit.

Give me a call or text to 520-784-1243 , call 520-332-1485, or email to Let us discuss your needs. Perhaps we can help you improve your productivity via remote support.

PS: The Remote Support will not cost as much as having me come to your place!

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