How do you Protect your System from Evil?

Researchers have found a new kind of Trojan that can install itself in your computer hardware and you can’t get rid of it!  Granted, this one seems to be coming from North Korea and is being considered a cyberweapon. 

How to protect people and their systems is always top of mind at GE Computing.  On October 15, 2020 I will be presenting How to Protect your systems from Evil for BNI Copper Connections.  If you would like to join that Zoom Meeting, send me an email and I will be sure to send you an invite!

Who needs to have their computer systems protected?  We could say EVERYBODY!  I am especially looking for business people who have everything to lose if their systems are disabled.  We will share what evil looks like  and protection methods.  At the October 15, 2020 meeting, as a bonus, someone attending will have the opportunity of getting a complete Cleanup-Speedup-Update for no charge!

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