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New Class of Malware – Ransomware

I recently had a client who had a message come up on the screen that she had viruses and needed to call a “Microsoft” tech. She was frightened, made the call, and a malicious plan was put into place. Once the person on the other end of the phone got access to her computer, he popped up a google map of where she lived, and began to point out the places close where she could get a money order to send to him. He told her that if she didn’t pay up that he would lock up her computer. That is what happened – her computer became encrypted and unavailable. It had to be replaced.

This category of malware has really expanded in the past couple months. Thieves all over the world see your computer as a cash cow.

What can you do?  I recommend that, if you are in the middle of one of these conversations, or are watching “someone”  working over your computer, that you PRESS THE ON SWITCH FOR THE COMPUTER TEN SECONDS AND TURN IT OFF.  This will at least interrupt what they are trying to accomplish in milking you.

Then, Give us a call.  We will direct your next moves, and begin the process of seeing if we can resurrect your system.

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