Older Mac’s and Macbook’s can benefit from Cleanup-Speedup-Update Service

If you have an older MacBook, such as this one from Mid 2010, we can perform our Cleanup-Speedup-Update Service and keep it only up to the OS level you need. This client wants it to stay at Operating System 10.9.5 because of a program that doesn’t work in the newer Operating Systems.

In the process of cleanup we found 6 PUP’s and 6 Virus’s and cleaned out 10,314 temporary files! This computer is now protected by an Anti-Virus and is cleaned up, speeded up and Updated.

There are three things we can do to Mac’s.
1. To a Cleanup-Speedup-Update Service. All computers including Mac’s need to be cleanup up periodically to give you as fast of performance as possible.
2. We can provide you with Refurbished Mac’s, both Notebook and iMac Desktop Style at competitive pricing.
3. If the Mac is from the mid to late 2000’s, and is obsolete and can’t be upgraded any more, we can turn it into a usable, Linux Based Computer that can do general purpose, internet, and student work for very little. It can be repurposed.

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