Recycled Computer

Recycling & Preparing Computer to be Donated

We take your old computers and repurpose them. We clean everything off so none of your information is available, and redo them into “as good as new” computers. We are particularly looking for Notebook Computers to share.

Although this computer will not be as fast as a new one, it still has premium content. It is loaded with Windows 10 Home, and we have added CCleaner, VLC Media Player, and Free Office 2016, an Office Compatible program that has good reviews and is still fast to use, even on this age of computer. We have also taken out a lot of the “go to the web” applications that would slow this computer down.

Anything we are doing to this computer can also be done to one that you might want to keep — just have it redone. I call that service the “Redo – As Good As New” service. The rule of thumb is this – we check out your computer’s value as a used computer. If it is valued at 1/2 or more of the cost of an identical new one, then it may qualify to be redone and give you additional years of service. Contact us if you have questions.

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