Slug Slow – Because an Update Had not been Done!

Recently I worked with a client who worked with Construction Plans.  He wasn’t creating the plans, just using the plans to do electrical wiring in a building.  He was really frustrated, because the plans were not showing on his computer, and when he tried to print them, It would take an hour to print a plan!

One of the programs we check In our Cleanup-Speedup-Update Service is the update status of the Acrobat Reader Program.  His version was an obsolute, very old version!  We installed a new version of Acrobat Reader DC.  After installing a new version, we had the owner test it, and he was excited that he could now work with the plan sets in a timely manner!  It was Slug Slow because an update hadn’t been done.

Our Cleanup-Speedup-Update Service checks the update status of your important programs that you work with daily.  Some that come to mind include Acrobat Reader, Word, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Windows itself or the MacOS.  When everything is current, up to date, your system runs better and is not as susceptible to Viruses, Malware, or Program Malfunctions due to Age and Obsolescence.

Do You work with PDF drawers or plans?  When you work with them, are they working S-L-U-G S-L-O-W.  Let us check it out, either on site or remote.

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