Are you technologically challenged?  You need someone who is knowledgeable and who cares, to help you get the technology products and services that you need.

I meet with you, finding out what you need.  We then research your needs.  We give you options in understandable language.  With your approval we purchase your items at cost, then install and test them to your satisfaction.

You pay the cost of the goods and services plus a consultation charge based on the time.  And, you must be satisfied with the goods, services, and my efforts on your behalf.

Recently I had a client call me and tell me that their backup power protection unit was “beeping”.  A backup power unit has a battery in it which keeps computer devices running should there be a power outage.  They beep if there is either a power outage, or the battery can no longer be charged.  That happens at about year five.  Using the knowledge I have, I went to a store and purchased for the customer the correct backup power supply, took it to his office, got it all hooked up correctly, and tested it.

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