There’s Something Strange, in the Computerhood! Who you gonna call? Computer Doctor!

Nothing Works!  No Internet, no phones!  What to do?  This was a recent callout. The business was dead in the water!  How can we get them going quickly?

As part of our service, we first checked on site to be sure of what the problem was.  We determined it was with their phone and internet from their supplier.  After trying the “Quick fixes”, like restarting the internet modem and router, we got on the phone with their Internet and phone supplier, and worked with them till we got their business back up and running. 

I call this my Technology Consultant Service. This is a necessary part of keeping businesses running.  I now have the knowledge and information about their account, so that in the future, I will be able to communicate with their phone and internet supplier about their account and services in an efficient manner.  AND, the business can focus on what makes them a great business without having to worry about this type of support.


Don Gibens

Who you gonna call?

Computer Doctor!

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