One of the things I remember from my childhood was sitting at a table and doing a puzzle.  I think that the biggest puzzle I ever worked on was a 1000 piece, which really isn’t “big”, but even it was a challenge!  What happens when you are missing a piece out of that puzzle?  Your eye is automatically drawn to the blank spot, isn’t it?

Imagine your computer as a large puzzle.  The average computer has over 350,000 pieces, in it!  Over time, some of the “pieces” go missing.  Then the system doesn’t operate correctly, and you are always “seeing” the hole in the puzzle, like a popup message.  Almost all systems three years old or older have pieces missing, run slow, and have problems.

What do you do?  Large corporations typically replace their computer systems every three years to alleviate these problems.  If you do not wish to get new systems at a typical cost of 750 to 1000 or so, then we can do a Total Refresh of each of your systems for 120-180 per seat.  They will be like “brand new”.

Can’t afford new computers?  Do a Total Refresh!  This can be accomplished for less than ½ the cost of new hardware.