We Can Help You Anywhere!

Here is a picture of my Take Control Remote Support Screen, seen on a computer that it has been installed to.  Notice that it is personalized – you see my information, and after the word Status you see the name of the computer it is on.

This is a super-secure connection.  Only I can use it, and your computers are never at risk of being exposed to bad actors.

I can support you and your computer systems wherever you are.  This can be a permanent, always on connection or a temporary, fix a problem connection – it is up to you.  I will tell you that most of my clients allow me to put them in my console so that, if they have a problem or we need to do scheduled maintenance, it can be done instantaneously. 

If you wish to have me support you via remote, I suggest you send me an email.  Then I will send you a link which you click and install.  Or Call, then go to www.startcontrol.com, and I will give you a key which will get you into a secure, personalized connection. 

It is one of the joys of my life to help people with their computers.  I would count it a privilege to work together with you or someone you know who needs help! 

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