What Can be Done With a Low End Computer?

What can be done with a low end computer that many would throw away?

This computer is an HP Stream from 2018. Windows 10 came with it, and made it nearly impossible to use – no space to save things! I have refurbished it with an Operating System (Linux Mint) which looks and
feels like Windows, but without the bloat and overhead. It is now very capable and useable!

Do you have one of these that you purchased for your children (or yourself, for that matter) and found it unuseable? We can Help!

  1. We can refurbish it and make it useable again.
  2. We will give you at least $25.00 for a working low end computer to redo.
  3. If you wish to donate, let us know and we will remake them for nonprofits.

What do you think? Give me a call or text – 520-784-1243.

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