What is Cloudflare and What Can it Do to Help Me?

Cloudflare is the company that owns the Domain Name Server IP4 Addressed and  For Websites, It is said to provide a secure environment by doing the following:

  1. Getting rid of unwanted bots and spam visits to websites
  2. Stop brute-force attacks and hacking attempts
  3. Filters out most spam attacks at the Name-server level
  4. Protects your website from DDOS attacks (denial of Service), SQL injection, comment spam. 

On the Website side, they have a Content Delivery Network system (CDN) that makes your content load up to 50% faster.  Websites are better protected.  Websites can be pointed to this DNS Server System to perform better.

That all sounds create for people building Websites.  What benefits does using IP4DNS have for users?

  1. It is a fast and private way to browse the internet.
  2. Unlike most DNS resolvers, Cloudflare is not selling user data to advertisers, nor does it mine any user data for commercial purposes
  3. Cloudflare uses strong encryption.

“the power of the Cloudflare network gives a natural advantage in terms of delivering speedy DNS queries. Since it has been deployed on Cloudflare’s 1000+ servers worldwide, users anywhere in the world will get a quick response from; in addition to this, these servers have access to the over 20 million+ Internet properties on the Cloudflare platform, making queries for those domains lightning-fast.” 

from Cloudflare website

GE Computing is recommending that everyone make the changes on their machines so that is their “Gateway Out”.  Let us help you set this up, and additionally survey your systems for other safety and performance tweaks.

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