What is “Safety First” when it comes to Computers?

A recent survey of IT security Pros found that a whopping 63% of those suffering ransomware attacks in 2021 ended up paying the bandits!  You say, “that couldn’t happen to me, I am too small”.  Really?  “The Evil Guys” are on the attack all the time.  What is their goal?  To steal as much as possible, and to create havoc.

We are learning every day what the new evils are.  Then we help you keep “Safety First” and up to date.  During the May 5, 2022 Copper Connections BNI Chapter Zoom Meeting at 7:00 AM we will be presenting “Safety First Protections”.  Send an email to don@gecomputerrepair.com and I will get you an invitation to the meeting.

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