Who Is Watching Out for You?

I serviced a client recently who had gotten a new Internet Provider.  When I started doing my Cleanup-Speedup-Update Service, I noticed that the internet speed was still slow.  I ran Speedtest and saw that the internet was still using their previous provider.  They had the new equipment.  So I checked out the connections from the new router and found that the new service wasn’t even connected!  The new company’s service person had hidden that it wasn’t connected!  A call to the new company brought the response that “it is not our responsibility to hook to the customer’s equipment!”  How would the customer have known that?

Part of my job as “the computer guy” is to be an Advocate – to know your technology have’s and needs, and to help you understand what you have.  I partner with you – “Watching Out for You”.

Do you know what technology services, hardware, and apps you have, and how you can improve your productivity?  I would like to give you for no charge a Technology Review.  Let me help you get more out of your systems.

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