Windows Defender in Windows 10 will be able to Catch ‘Scareware’ and Remove It after March 1, 2018

Windows Defender to classify ‘scareware’ as unwanted software and remove it
Microsoft announced that beginning March 1, it will begin removing “scareware” from devices. Scareware is the type of “cleaner” or “antivirus” that scares users into upgrading to a premium version with the promise to clean up the device, often fabricating issues or blowing them out of proportion. Microsoft Defender will now classify these utilities as unwanted software and remove detected offenders.
“Programs must not display alarming or coercive messages or misleading content to pressure you into paying for additional services or performing superfluous actions,” Defender’s new criteria states.
Defender will also remove any software that “reports errors in an exaggerated or alarming manner” or “suggests that no other actions will correct the reported errors or issues.”

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