Tucson, Arizona |

My laptop was running extremely slow and finally crashed. Don did everything he could to get it running again. In the end, he had to wipe it clean and reinstall all systems. He also replaced the hard drive with a solid state drive that’s less susceptible to damage from movement. It’s like a whole new machine. I’m thrilled with Don’s work. Since I was so happy with my computer, my husband decided to get a new laptop for himself. Don got him a new computer with his “Better Than New” service. The “Better Than New” service is where Don completely sets up the new computer for you. He takes care of all the startup stuff you usually have to do yourself. He gets everything registered and installs any and all software and subscriptions you have or need. Finally, he walks you through your new purchase, showing you how everything works. It’s great and makes getting a new machine effortless.