If you or your business has a requirement for Encrypting your computers, here is what we will do step by step:

  1. Install Macrium Reflect on Main Hard Drive
  2. Make a Macrium Reflect Emergency Startup Disk or USB Drive
  3. Create Whole Disk Backup to an External Hard Drive or USB Drive with Macrium Reflect
  4. Install Veracrypt to Computer – in the process create Veracrypt whole drive Password.
  5. Encrypt the newly created external Backup Separately, most likely with a separate Password.
  6. Encrypt Entire Main Computer Hard Drive
  7. Create Veracrypt Rescue Disk or Usb Drive

This Process requires installation of two Open Source Programs:  Macrium Reflect, and Veracrypt.  This Process will require an external hard drive or a large USB Flash Drive.

If a Program update occurs with Veracrypt, there is a process to upgrade built into Veracrypt to Upgrade the encryption program without having to start over.

I will do a consultation with you to help you determine how far you need to go, and help you do the process, or I can come in and do the process as a service for either a one time fee or monthly. (520) 332-1485