Anyone can buy a new computer at a computer store.  Sometimes that is the best answer for your needs.  But, what if you could function with an efficiently refurbished computer?  They are nearly as fast as a new one, and generally can be gotten for ½ the cost of a new system or less.

I like helping people get the technology they need at a price they can afford.  I use mostly refurbished machines myself.  They help me provide to you the services you need, without the high prices of all new equipment when that isn’t a need.

There are several important things we do to refurbished systems that makes them a “Key Buy”, as it were.

  1. Every refurbished system is thoroughly gone through to make sure it is as free of defects as it can be.
  2. We work with you to be sure that the Operating System and Apps installed are appropriate to your needs.
  3. Every refurbished system has had the “Better Than New” Service done to it. It is ready to be used from day One.
  4. Every refurbished system will come with an image backup so that, in the unlikely case it decides to give us problems, we can restore it to its original condition.

Let us show you what we have available.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!