When a new or refurbished computer is purchased, most people find that it takes two or more hours to get it ready to be used! Everything that goes into personalizing the computer is left for the end user.

Computers come with all kinds of “Offers” from the manufacturers or their partners, designed to make your system a “Cash Cow” for those companies. Your computer screen becomes a “billboard” for all that they want to sell you, usually at inflated prices.

New computers come basically unprotected. They are not secure to the current date, and need to have all Operating System Updates as well as replacing the “trial” antivirus software with a current, active antivirus product.

Most people have “a way of working” that they have developed as they used their old system, including Apps and files that need to be transferred.

Our “Better Than New” Service does the following things:

We help you with the personalization and customization to make the computer just what you want it to be.
We eliminate the manufacturers Ads, Offers and Junk Apps.
We install all Operating System Updates and put in current protections.
We reinstall your files and Licensed Programs.
We add additional protections and Remote Support to protect you in the future.
We make a backup of YOUR system, so that, if anything happens, it can be restored to the way YOU use it.

Your system will now be “Better Than New”!

Any computer system can be helped with the Better than New service. Do you have a new computer that came with factory installed system software?  Let us check it out and make it Better than New! (520) 332-1485