Have you been surprised by an evil message you accidently clicked on?

One of the biggest malware threats in the past several years is the Emotet Botnet. It infects attachments from people you know and sends them to you. Capable of wrecking even the most secure of computers, it has been weaponized as of August 25, 2020 to use Word Documents, which give it access to your entire computer.

What to do? Some Suggestions include:

  1. If you get an email from a friend with an attachment, call and confirm.
  2. Check URL’s and sender fields closely, especially if it looks like it comes from someone you know.
  3. Don’t Click on links from emails.
  4. Change passwords to strong passwords
  5. Think about using “two-factor authentication” when you can.
  6. Scan for Malware

Need help? Contact GE Computing and we can help you become more secure!

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