Microsoft adds decade-long Windows support for Internet of Things (IoT) devices

We are becoming familiar with devices, such as Smart Phone Controlled Thermostats and the new refrigerators that have Wireless controls and cameras. This whole class of devices that control things used in our daily lives is called the Internet of Things or abbreviated as IoT. Years ago I heard about Bill Gates Home, which had all the lights controlled as you walk through it.

Microsoft is doubling down on its Internet of Things operating system, showing a new set of services designed to support connected devices and the companies that make them.
At Computex in Taiwan, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 IoT Core Services, which provides at least a decade of support for IoT devices along with resources to manage updates and device health. The paid set of services builds on Windows 10 IoT Core, a version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system focused on helping companies build smart devices.

These new services fit within a major IoT push by Microsoft. In April, Microsoft said it plans to invest $5 billion in the IoT world over the next four years.

Microsoft’s IoT platform today spans its cloud, OS and devices areas, and this investment will allow businesses of all sizes and levels of technical expertise to build connected devices and programs. A big part of that is a focus on the intelligent edge, the practice of devices running in the field without a persistent dependence on the cloud.

We are mentioning this today because Computers today aren’t just the Notebooks and desktops we may be used to from the past. Computers are everywhere. We can help you determine which computer or IoT Devices might be the best for you.

Edited Article Source: Geekwire, June 5, 2018

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